Welcome to VEDCO

Virginia Explosives & Drilling Company, Inc. ("VEDCO") delivers contract drilling and blasting services for the coal mining, quarry, and construction industries through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Austin Sales, LLC and Virginia Drilling Company, LLC. Austin Sales serves as the re-sale and product delivery arm of the business and has been a constant in Central Appalachia dating back to 1935. Virginia Drilling Company is the service arm of the business providing drilling, blasting or drilling and blasting services to our customer base.

The VEDCO team has expertise in all aspects of drilling and blasting ranging from blast design, safety procedures, regulatory issues, and drill efficiency. Our experts provide safe, customer-focused, efficient drilling and blasting programs enabling our clients to maximize production and increase profitability in a safe manner. VEDCO clients are empowered to focus on their core business and mining operations while we offer high-quality drilling and blasting services.

Turnkey Services

VEDCO is the leader in contract drilling and blasting services, as well as a trusted partner to satisfy your drilling and blasting needs in the safest and most efficient manner.

Drilling Only Services

VEDCO's extensive drill fleet and unmatched expertise allows for high-quality results in the most challenging precision drilling projects.

Blasting Services

Choose the professional blasters at VEDCO for your mining operations, both surface and underground, site preparation, construction, or quarry blasting needs.