Industry Expertise

VEDCO offers innovative programs that help customers improve performance and outsource the burden of drilling and blasting.


Coal Surface Mine Production

VEDCO takes every necessary step to ensure your coal surface mine production project is completed on time and on budget.

Quarry Mining and Construction Site Preparation


VEDCO Quarry & Construction teams maximize efficiency by sharing all available resources

Preventative Maintenance

  • VEDCO’s 24/7 on-site maintenance program reduces drilling equipment failure and downtime while increasing the life expectancy of equipment.
  • Technicians routinely sample and inspect equipment components to identify problems with equipment before they impact production
  • Only factory-trained personnel service VEDCO equipment, enabling our suppliers to offer longer warranty periods that translate to lower operating costs


Working Efficiently


  • VEDCO stocks an inventory of commonly used drilling parts on site (i.e. drill bits and steel).
  • VEDCO tracks bit life and penetration rates to adjust drilling performance and reduce total operating cost

Maximizing Resources

  • Our drilling crews are in constant communication with blasting crews, sharing information in an effort to maximize rock breakage at minimal cost

Improving Productivity

  • VEDCO understands construction clients are often working under tight deadlines so we implement steps to reduce downtime and increase production
  • VEDCO tracks bit life and penetration rates to properly match drill bit and drill steel to the overburden on the specific job site

Leveraging Technology

  • VEDCO operates several Atlas Copco drills equipped with SmartRoc technology, to allow for more accurate and precise drilling while reducing fuel consumption and lowering costs
  • VEDCO maintains an inventory of commonly used drill parts at the job site minimizing downtime and lowering costs
  • VEDCO is working with a team of mining engineers to develop an advanced digital shot log and on-site inventory tracking system, in an effort to reduce time and cost.  The system will conform to the most stringent reporting regulations within the industry.