Why VDC?

Pioneers in Drilling and Blasting for Coal Mining and Construction

Clients rely on VDC for safe and effective drilling and blasting programs and unmatched industry expertise.

You save time and money through contract drilling and blasting services.

With VDC, clients can outsource the substantial cost of acquiring and maintaining expensive drilling and blasting equipment. We provide all the personnel and equipment needed for drilling and blasting projects and we assume the liability for operations. This translates into lower insurance and reduced operational costs for the client.

You focus on your business while we manage the complexity of core mining operations.

Drilling and blasting operations can be a tremendous burden to mining and construction companies. Inventory maintenance is complicated. Blasting claims can result in large legal fees and headaches. Blasting also requires federal, state, and local permits and approvals. VDC manages all blasting claims, ATF issues, and inventory maintenance.

You can rely on a well-equipped partner.

VDC is a long-term partner to many clients. Our flexible scheduling, expert manpower, and equipment supply assure clients that the job will be completed on schedule and within budget. With deep expertise and rigorous quality standards, VDC handles any size operation without sacrificing safety and quality.

You have a team of drilling and blasting experts working for you.

VDC’s team of senior executives, office personnel, and skilled drilling and blasting professionals have years of experience serving coal and construction companies of all sizes. Furthermore, VDC is always expanding their knowledge base through internal training programs and upgrading their state-of-the-art facilities.

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Electronic Inventory Control

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