Safety Programs

Safety ProgramsSafety Comes First

Safety is a chief concern at VDC and year after year, we continue to have one of the best safety records in the industry. Our employees continually undergo training to keep up with the most advanced safety procedures and the ever-changing regulations in the drilling and blasting industry.


Core Beliefs

Core BeliefsWe follow these tenets to ensure that drilling and blasting programs are constructed to achieve safe outcomes for employees and clients.

  • A safe employee is a well-trained employee.
  • Accidents are prevented by adhering to established safety and training procedures.
  • VDC has highly trained experts to ensure safe and successful outcomes for our customers.


ProceduresVDC takes ongoing measures to yield a safe, informed workforce and safe drilling and blasting projects.

  • Customized training. Each VDC employee must undergo all federal, state, and local training required for the project, including any additional training requested by a client.
  • Continuous learning. In addition to a comprehensive initial training program, VDC employees attend weekly training sessions. Employees also undergo immediate training any time an accident occurs at a VDC project site.
  • Customer training. VDC shares its industry-leading knowledge about safety by making its safety and training resources available to customers. VDC will make arrangements to train client employees on any drilling and blasting-related issue.
  • Incentives. After each quarter of accident-free work or zero property loss, VDC provides financial rewards to its employees.
  • Screening. VDC hires only employees who pass rigorous background tests and pre-employment drug screening.
  • Monitoring. VDC has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use. Employees undergo random drug screenings and are immediately terminated if they fail a drug test. Yearly criminal record checks are also performed on each employee.